segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

Sunny on the Causeway - Graffiti (2016)

01. Another Awful Day
02. John's Not A Punk
03. Stop Snitchin'
04. Stop Snitchin' Interlude (The People Outside The Hotel)
05. Stop Snitchin' Continued
06. Crack Valentine
07. Too Lazy To Smoke Pot
08. The Wrong People Are In Charge: (A) Bartcore
09. The Wrong People Are In Charge: (B) Poor Saddam Hussein
10. Lucy's Two Car Garage
11. Graffiti
12. Mark Hop, I'm In Jail Right Now
13. Smokin' Blunts
14. Indie Rock Band (Piss Off)
15. Drug Test/Desk Job
16. Too Lazy To Drink Beer
17. A Day In The Life
18. Check It Up
19. Dead Cops (Pennsylvania)
20. She Slept In Her Car That Night
21. A Death In The Night
22. Meets Tony And The Valentines
23. The People On The News

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