terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2016

Bomb the Music Industry! - Others! Others! Volume 1 (2009)

01. This Gracless Planet (We Versus the Shark Cover)
02. Tell My Boss, "I Hate You"
03. This Year For Presidents' Day, I'm Giving Up on Rock and Roll
04. 4 Inches! (Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine Cover)
05. Come On, This Shit is Getting RIDICULOUS.
06. If Assholes Got Awards, I'd Have a Trophy Case (Infamous Jake and the Pinstripe Mafia Cover)
07. All Alone in My Big Empty Apartment (Demo)
08. This is a Singalong (Original Version)
09. The Soul Crushing Northeast
10. D13 4 YR G0V3RNM3NT (Anti-Flag Megamix)
11. Little Brother (Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)
12. Pog (Demo)
13. Gold Soundz (Pavement Cover)

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