sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

VA - Sound Of Us. Volume One (2013)

01.Raised By Apes - 50,000 volts
02.Never Been Famous - Try to be
03.Drunktank - Can't take it anymore
04.Darko - Neo was an amateur
05.Screed - Solely profit
06.Fat Prezident - Brave souls
07.Fair Do's - Cross the line
08.Utopia Now - Derail
09.Bandage - Now that you're gone
10.First Step To Failure - The more things change
11.Dowzer - Hope is for suckers
12.Still Insane - Everything you have
13.Crossfire Collision - Already resented
14.Asado - Equipped to fail
15.Hangin' Out - In vain
16.Four Two Nothing - Self inflicted sickness
17.Noopinion - Misfits of today
18.Torches To Triggers - Stop the wedding
19.Slush - Live and Die
20.No contest - First world problems
21.Slowly Fading Fast - From the stage
22.Softcore - Fast melodies
23.Subster - Bring it back
24.Lowprofile - Black tuesday
25.We Love Danger - Operation living proof
26.Hate It Too - Blistering lights
27.Broken Aris - Yens
28.River Jumpers - Substance & Integrity
29.Sic Waiting - My Reputation Precedes Me
30.Raised By Apes - Scotland

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