quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Dooie Mus - Dooie Mus II EP (2017)

01. Straks
02. Night Owls
03. Robert Long
04. Give Me A Reason To Get Out Of Bed And Put On Some Pants, Get Some Coffee & Maybe Breakfast   
05. Gedenk Te Sterven

E U : M A Q U I N A - De Dentro Pra Fora (2017)

01. Testando A Resistência   
02. Don't Bro Me If You Don't Know Me
03. O Que Há De Errado Em Você   
04. Um Oi Pra Vida E Dois Pra Gente
05. Natural Born Thriller
06. Minha Querida Consciência   
07. Rotina   
08. Às 5 Da Manhã Eu Até Escrevo Bem   
09. O Alvo   
10. Beautiful *Bonus Track*

sexta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2017

Missiles Of October - Better Days (2016)

01. State of Crisis
02. No brain no headache
03. Satisfaction in nothing   
04. Better days   
05. Everyday   
06. Loser   
07. Chainsaw   
08. Problems   
09. Blah-blah-blah
10. Two feet in sludge

Missiles Of October - No Brain EP (2016)

01. No brain no headache (LP version)
02. Everyday (demo 2016)   
03. Lost song (unreleased)   
04. Cheeleaders (Live 01-03-2014)

Missiles Of October - Don't Panic (2014)

01. Don't panic   
02. Music for hangover   
03. Two feet in sludge
04. Become an asshole   
05. Wannabe   
06. Cheerleader   
07. Six pack   
08. Addiction   
09. Dead body   
10. Dance with me   
11. You pray a world of shit

Missiles Of October - Body EP (2014)

01. Dead body (LP version)   
02. Music For Hangover (Remix by Ne555)   
03. Addiction (Remix by Garlic.Wav)
04. Wanna be (live 15.12.12: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca)

Missiles Of October - Hangover EP (2012)

01. Addictions
02. Music for Hangover
03. Dreadful Crash
04. Wanna Be

sábado, 22 de julho de 2017

Fast Food Society - .​.​.​After the Worst (2013)

01. May 15th
02. Got Hope? Welcome!
03. Particles Collide   
04. The Ancient and Sacred Halakha of Finders, Keepers (Losers, Weepers)
05. Another Last Beer   
06. ... and so we go on   
07. The False Indoctrination of Gender   
08. الصحراء حرة (Free Sahara)   
09. Manufacture of Consent   
10. The Blamer (The Credible Story of a not-so-Great Escape)   
11. Wir Haben es Nicht Gewußt

quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

[Stream] LAY IT ON THE LINE - 'The Black Museum' (Disconnect, Disconnect Records)

Out now
Disconnect Disconnect Records

Stream links:

1.Level Up
2.A Serious House On Serious Earth
3.Aim High
4.Battery Farm Anachronism
5.120 Days 
6.The Black Museum 
7.Force Fed 
8.Oreo Speedwagon 
9.Positive Views 
Lay It On The Line formed in 2012 and released 4 EPs and a split 7" before releasing their debut album, 'The Black Museum', on their new home - Disconnect, Disconnect Records. The band, featuring members of In Evil HourHang The BastardRiver Jumpers and Phinius Gage. displays their new 2 vocal, male/female lineup on this album - mixing fast, skate punk songs, with old school screamo and abrasive melodic hardcore.