sábado, 22 de julho de 2017

Fast Food Society - .​.​.​After the Worst (2013)

01. May 15th
02. Got Hope? Welcome!
03. Particles Collide   
04. The Ancient and Sacred Halakha of Finders, Keepers (Losers, Weepers)
05. Another Last Beer   
06. ... and so we go on   
07. The False Indoctrination of Gender   
08. الصحراء حرة (Free Sahara)   
09. Manufacture of Consent   
10. The Blamer (The Credible Story of a not-so-Great Escape)   
11. Wir Haben es Nicht Gewußt

quarta-feira, 19 de julho de 2017

[Stream] LAY IT ON THE LINE - 'The Black Museum' (Disconnect, Disconnect Records)

Out now
Disconnect Disconnect Records

Stream links:

1.Level Up
2.A Serious House On Serious Earth
3.Aim High
4.Battery Farm Anachronism
5.120 Days 
6.The Black Museum 
7.Force Fed 
8.Oreo Speedwagon 
9.Positive Views 
Lay It On The Line formed in 2012 and released 4 EPs and a split 7" before releasing their debut album, 'The Black Museum', on their new home - Disconnect, Disconnect Records. The band, featuring members of In Evil HourHang The BastardRiver Jumpers and Phinius Gage. displays their new 2 vocal, male/female lineup on this album - mixing fast, skate punk songs, with old school screamo and abrasive melodic hardcore.

sábado, 1 de julho de 2017

Ken Sent Me - Be Nice Or Go Away (2017)

01. Straight To Words   
02. Time Machine
03. Our Own Praises
04. So Long
05. Northern Hemisphere Boys
06. In Best Order   
07. Modern Slavery   
08. Sheets Of Sound
09. I Keep My Watch Some Minutes Fast   
10. Material Possession
11. These Days

terça-feira, 27 de junho de 2017

Futuro - A Torre da Derrota EP (2017)

01. Mind Corruption
02. A Torre da Derrota   
03. O Outro Lado da Moeda
04. Réptil   
05. Moira
06. Mom & Pop Democracy